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Our App offers a comprehensive analysis to help businesses identify bottlenecks in their ticketing system. With a seamless integration that requires no API keys or additional configurations, you're presented with actionable insights.

Concepts and Metrics

Static Attributes:

Static attributes are unchanging characteristics of a ticket. These include:

  • Agent handling the ticket.
  • Priority level.
  • Channel of communication.
  • Brand associated with the ticket.
  • Group associated with the ticket.
  • And more.

Dynamic Fields:

Unlike static attributes, dynamic fields represent ticket characteristics that can change over time. In Zendesk, the primary dynamic field is the state of the ticket (e.g., New, Open, Closed).


Our app focuses on the following four core metrics:

  • Inflow: Represents the number of tickets that have entered the system.
  • Outflow: Denotes the number of tickets that have been closed or resolved.
  • Wait Time: Measures the duration a ticket takes from when it's opened until it's closed.
  • Outstanding: The count of tickets that remain open.