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Charting Your Data

Our analytics tool offers three main chart types:

Bar Chart

Ideal for visualizing discrete data, e.g., the number of tickets each agent has closed.

Line Chart

Perfect for observing trends over time, such as monthly inflow or outflow of tickets.

Pathway Chart

A unique representation in the form of directed graphs. In these charts:

  • Nodes (the rectangles) symbolize the different ticket states, with the size of the node indicating the average time tickets spent in that particular state.
  • Edges (the lines) represent the flow of tickets between states. Their width denotes the volume of tickets transitioning between two states.

How to generate a chart:

  1. Navigate to the reports page. Reports
  2. Select the + New button to create a new report. Name it and Save it.
  3. Select Metrics of interest: Choose from Inflow, Outflow, Wait Time, and Outstanding.
  4. Apply Filters: Refine your analysis by selecting the relevant static attributes or dynamic fields.
  5. Choose Chart Type: Visualize your data in the form of bar, line, or pathway charts.
  6. Analyze & Act: Interpret the results, identify bottlenecks or areas of improvement, and implement changes accordingly.