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Select the date range of interest to view ticket metrics within that span. Combining this filter with a dynamic field will show you metrics like Inflow and Outflow of tickets transitioning into/out of a specified state during the selected period.


Group your metrics based on a specific frequency to better visualize patterns and trends. Options include:

  • Day: Metrics grouped by each day.
  • Week: Metrics grouped by week.
  • Month: Metrics grouped by month.
  • Avg Day: Shows metrics for an average day within the selected time period.
  • Avg Week: Represents metrics for an average week within the chosen duration.

Static Attributes and Dynamic Fields:

Refine the data by selecting specific static attributes or dynamic fields. Two calculation types are available:

  • Combine: When multiple attributes or fields are selected, the metrics are shown as a combined result. Think of this as an "AND" operation where all conditions must be met.
  • Split: This option displays metrics for each selected attribute or field separately. If using bar or line charts, each attribute or field is presented in its own distinct bar or line.

Static Attributes and Dynamic Fields: Practical Example

Let's imagine your customer support team handles tickets from two primary channels: Email and Live Chat. Each ticket is also categorized based on the nature of the inquiry: 'Billing', 'Technical', or 'General'.

Scenario 1 (Combine): Suppose you wish to analyze all 'Technical' inquiries that came via 'Email'.

  • You would select the static attributes 'Technical' and 'Email'. When you "combine" these selections, the resulting metrics would only include tickets that meet BOTH conditions: they are 'Technical' AND they came via 'Email'.

Scenario 2 (Split): Now, you wish to analyze 'Technical' and 'Email' inquiries but want to see metrics separately.

  • You would select the static attributes 'Technical' and 'Email'. When you "split" these selections, your chart would show two sets of metrics: one for 'Technical' inquiries and another for 'Email' inquiries.

Understanding these combine and split calculations can help you tailor the data presentation to your specific needs, whether you're looking for combined insights or individual metrics.